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Cleanings & Prevention

Professional Cleanings and Preventive Dental Care in Steinbach, Manitoba

Whether your child is due for their first dental check-up or it is time for your routine cleaning and oral health examination, our team invites you to experience the courteous and professional care we provide to the Steinbach area.

At Steinbach Dental Clinic, our dentists are committed to serving the overall well-being of patients with comprehensive examinations, cleanings, and dental care services.

Exercising Prevention through Patient Education

Many are simply unaware of how closely oral health and overall well-being are connected. This essential link is why our dentists take the time to conduct open and honest discussions about proactive dental care for every patient we see.

When you implement a strong oral health routine, you protect the integrity of your teeth and gums, preserving the essential function and aesthetics of your smile. Regular brushing and flossing, and visits to our dental office every six months can help prevent serious oral infections.

The Importance of Your Thorough Dental Examination

We initiate your treatment with a detailed examination. We use our office technology to gather precise visuals of your smile, helping us determine the condition of your teeth and plan for necessary treatments. Our hygienists work to instill positive oral health habits while building long-lasting relationships with patients. We ensure you leave our office with an understanding of your current health status and how we can work together to improve your overall quality of life.

The Value of Professional Dental Cleanings for Your Oral Health

Our team of hygienists has experience with both routine maintenance and deep cleanings. For patients experiencing symptoms of gum disease, we can perform scaling and root planing. This prevents the development of gum disease and protects against tooth loss. For patients with teeth compromised by decay, our dentists offer tooth-coloured fillings, which stop the spread of decay and allows you to enjoy a uniform and comfortable smile.

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